May 25, 2021

The Motorcycle Club of Lublin University of Technology

The Motorcycle Club of Lublin University of Technology is an informal association of motorcycle enthusiasts among the employees of LUT. The idea of creating the club was born in 2019 among the motorcycle enthusiasts from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (S. Samborski, W. Smagowski, M. Kłonica, S. Tarkowski). In the next calendar year, a design of the club's logo was prepared by E. Kosicka  and the then Rector of LUT was asked for permission to use the name of the university in the club’s name. At the end of 2020, the legal protection of the logo was obtained from the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, with the support of the faculty’s authorities.

The members of the club are both motorcycle owners and fans of motorcycling. It is a friends club with an identity rooted in the LUT’s community, open to all interested university employees. The club does not have legal identity yet, but the work on the statute is underway, so that in the near future the club will obtain the status of a public benefit organization.

The Motorcycle Club of LUT strives to revive the academic community of the university and that is why it engages in activities related to the promotion of LUT, such as juwenalia, LUT’s Day, Lublin Science Festival and Children's Day. The club also takes part in events organized by other motorcycle groups from Lublin and the Lublin region, incl. opening of the motorcycle season, voluntary blood donation, first aid training and charity campaigns. The group also tries to positively influence the image of our Alma Mater among the Lublin youth and invites current students of the university to the emerging Motorcycle Circle (contact:

The meetings of the Motorcycle Club of LUT are held once a month. Every motorcycling enthusiast is welcome (contact: