May 20, 2021

Prof. Jerzy Merkisz received the 18th Honoris Causa Doctorate from LUT

Professor Jerzy Merkisz, a scientific authority in the field of internal combustion engines and automotive environmental hazards, received the 18th Honoris Causa Doctorate from Lublin University of Technology. In the professional activity of an academic teacher, it is a symbol of special recognition and distinction. The ceremony took place on Friday, May 14, 2021 in a hybrid form.

Professor Jerzy Merkisz is the head of the Department of Internal Combustion Engines at Poznan University of Technology. His scientific activity concerns reducing the negative impact of transport on the environment. The professor developed the concept and methodology of testing the emission of harmful exhaust gas compounds in the actual operating conditions of means of transport in which combustion engines were used.

He is the author and co-author of 45 monographs and academic textbooks, 13 patents and over 690 articles, 440 papers and 390 research works for industry.

Prof. Merkisz devotes a large part of his creative work to educating young scientists. He promoted 46 doctors and is currently a supervisor of 9 doctoral dissertations. He is the author of 48 opinions on the achievements of candidates for the academic title of professor, 76 reviews of habilitation theses and 87 reviews of doctoral dissertations.

He is a member of the Polish Automotive Scientific Society, the Polish Combustion Institute, the Polish Society of Ecological Vehicles, and the Polish Scientific and Technical Society of Exploitation. He also received Honoris Causa Doctorates from the University of Bielsko-Biala, Kazimierz Pułaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom and the title of an Honorary Professor of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

Integration of the "engine" scientific and industrial community

- In the 1990s, the automotive research community was in a difficult position. We needed a leader and a vision to rebuild the power of the scientific world of internal combustion engines. The center that undertook this difficult task was Poznan University of Technology, and the natural leader was Prof. Merkisz. He integrated the scientific community connected with the design and research of internal combustion power units. He was the founder and the first and only president of the Board of the Polish Scientific Society of Internal Combustion Engines - emphasized Prof. Mirosław Wendeker, the doctoral supervisor.

Long and fruitful cooperation with Lublin University of Technology

Prof. Jerzy Merkisz has been supporting Lublin University of Technology for over 30 years. He has made a great contribution to the scientific advancements of the employees of Lublin University of Technology - he was the supervisor of 4 doctorates, he made reviews of the achievements of many scientists applying for the academic title of professor as well as reviews of habilitation and doctoral dissertations. The cooperation also included conducting doctoral workshops, initiating new research topics, joint research and scientific work and participation in the development of the equipment base of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Prof. Jerzy Merkisz prepared a lecture entitled "The future of internal combustion power units".

- The development of the concept and methodology of research on the emission of harmful exhaust gas compounds in the actual operating conditions of all means of transport in which combustion engines are used, with the use of on-board measurement systems measuring emissions while driving, is a modern achievement - said Prof. Jerzy Merkisz.

Summing up his speech, he said: - Research conducted with the use of PEMS measuring equipment provides answers to many questions concerning the emission of harmful exhaust gas compounds, their changes and their relationship with the operational parameters of vehicles and engines.

The Title of an Honorary Professor of Lublin University of Technology

The Friday ceremony was also an occasion to award the title of an Honorary Professor of  Lublin University of Technology to two scientists:

Prof. Leonard Runkiewicz - professor at the Building Research Institute in Warsaw. A specialist in the field of: principles of quality assessment, load-bearing capacity and reliability of engineering structures, analysis and improvement of design and safety issues, diagnostics and testing of building structures, including in particular non-destructive testing.

Prof. Waldemar Wójcik - professor at the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Lublin University of Technology. His research work concerns: diagnostics and control of combustion and technological processes, biomedical diagnostics, expert systems, digital analysis and signal processing, fiber optic technology, electronic and optoelectronic sensors and information protection.

Fot. T. Maślona