May 10, 2021

Our inventions won silver in Geneva

Two inventions from Lublin University of Technology won silver medals at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. It is about "Mold clamp for rotary die casting " and "System and method of controlling the transformer with a kinetic energy storage device”.

This year's edition was held remotely in March and 825 exhibitors from 42 countries participated in it. To participate in the exhibition, a short film promoting the invention had to be attached to its description.

The first winning solution is the mold clamp for rotary die casting. Thanks to the adjustment of the arms spacing to casting molds of various external dimensions, it is possible to improve and increase the efficiency of manufacturing of products obtained with the rotary casting technology. This method is used to produce large-size products, such as: water or oil tanks, waste containers, domestic sewage treatment plants, canoes, separators, road barriers.

- The mold clamp for rotary die casting is designed in such a way that it is not necessary to increase the number of machines to manufacture new products with different external dimensions. The clamp has a compact and simple structure, so it can be transported or transferred from one work station to another and installed on another tool system of the mixing and forming machine. In addition, the clamp is stable and safe to use - says Karolina Głogowska from the Department of Polymer Processing.

The solution of scientists from the Department of Electric Drives and Machines concerning a mechanical transformer system with a built-in kinetic energy storage device, was awarded a silver medal in class C (electronics / electrical engineering). The authors of the invention are: Łukasz Kwaśny, M.Sc., Dr. Eng. Dariusz Zieliński, Karol Fatyga, M.Sc. and Bartłomiej Stefańczak, M.Sc.

- Our solution is a breakthrough because it can replace a classic energy transformer used to power single-family houses, factories and other facilities that require electricity. Thanks to the possibility of accumulating energy in the transformer system, its flow can be flexibly managed. The invention is an alternative to expensive, failure-prone and environmentally unfriendly electrochemical storage devices, such as lithium-ion batteries - argues Łukasz Kwaśny, M.Sc. from the Department of Electric Drives and Machines.

The potential users of the invention are distributors and operators of power grids, such as: PGE, Tauron, Enea, RWE as well as, for example, housing communities and entities which build fast charging stations for electric vehicles.