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Lublin University of Technology welcomes international students who would like to become engineers by acquiring sound expert knowledge and do it in an inspiring multicultural environment, and who would like to benefit not only from the wisdom of teachers but also share experience with classmates from different countries.

Being an engineer means not only that you are able to design and create friendly environment for future generations but it also guarantees getting a good job and working for people.

Why is it worth doing it in Lublin and in Poland?

A lot of famous engineers, such as: a constructor of highest elevated railway in Peru, Ernest Malinowski; a founder of University of Technology in Chile – Ignacy Domeyko; a planner of Chinese city Harbin – Adam Szydlowski, and a pioneer of suspension bridges who built nearly 40 of them in the USA – Ralph Modjeski, were Polish engineers.

Although Lublin University of Technology is not old (it was established in 1953), it can already pride itself on good experience in education in mechanical, electrical, civil and environmental engineering, as well as in informatics and management.

What is more, Lublin is a historical city, situated in the Eastern part of the country which is rich in diverse landscapes and traditional agriculture. It is a city with relatively low living costs and small developing airport if you would like to spent the weekend in London or Oslo.

Having 5 state universities and 75 thousand students (3000 foreigners) among 350 thousand inhabitants, Lublin is a city of young and active people, friendly for students, full of prestigious artistic events, music and theatre festivals, concerts, exhibitions and cafeterias with international food and with more and more English speaking people every year.

So you are welcome to start a big adventure – to study in Lublin, Poland and receive first-class education, to meet interesting people and make new friends and to explore different cultures of your future colleagues and a beautiful region with historical monuments and national parks.

Lublin University of Technology is waiting for you!

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